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About ME


People Call Me : avinashsonee

My Budday is on : 29th July

My sweet home is in : KARIMNAGAR, AP, India

My schooling :

Vidyadhari Public School, Karimnagar

Alphores Junior Coleege, Karimnagar

My Graduation :

Bits, Pilani – Goa Campus

My Discipline : M.Sc.(Hons.) Economics &

B.E.(Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation


Visit Me @

Avinash kumar Sonee

BH-8, 137,

Bits, Pilani – Goa Campus

Zuari Nagar, Goa

Call Me to +919823222599

Visit My other Blog @ http://avinashsonee.blogspot.com

Chat on yahoo & gtalk : avinashsonee

Mail Me : avinashsonee@gmail.com

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1. swap - February 22, 2007

hi sonee..
u created a nice blog dude………
keeep going.

2. kiranmai - March 5, 2007

hiiii sonee…..nice blog….

3. avinashsonee - March 6, 2007

Thanx Swap n Kiran for visiting n commenting …

4. subbu - March 16, 2007

thuest,,,,,,wat the shit is all this?????,,,,,,,,y r u not sleeping?..
shall i tell to ur grandfather…..?????

5. avinashsonee - March 19, 2007

hello subbu wassup ?? don’t spam my blog …

6. haryiips - May 2, 2007

good one ..
keep blogging

Harshit Pandey

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